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The Universität Tübingen welcomes doctoral students from partner institutions University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and King’s College London to the 2022 Royster Global Conference, held July 24-29, 2022.

The theme of the 2022 conference is “Disruption, Digitalization, and Disinformation: Communicating Research after COVID-19“.

2022 Conference Participants
2022 Conference Schedule

A three story stone building with a large clock over the entrance and hanging banners in combinations of red, black and yellow.
Tübingen University Main Building (Neue Aula)
Photo by Otto Buchegger, Tübingen, 2003

This summer conference addresses these challenges and considers the opportunities and obstacles for communicating academic research in a post-COVID world. It will address the issues new researchers face in a time of accelerated digitalization and will create a space for discussion about how to respond to these new problems and to capitalize on emerging opportunities. The summer conference will focus on three topics in particular:(1) the question of the legitimacy of academic research against the background of disinformation and public criticism,

(2) the proliferation of new approaches to communicating the results of research via digital media, and the creative opportunities presented by disruption and the reimagination of academic research and its future, and

(3) the transformation of the research working world in the course of advancing digitalization.