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A diverse group of graduate students, faculty and staff pose in a semi-circle around a fountain in a university courtyard.
Summer 2023 Royster Global Conference participants

Through the Royster Global initiative, members of the Royster Society of Fellows lead engagement with graduate education in an increasingly global academic community and professional marketplace. Royster Global aims to increase awareness and understanding of graduate education across international borders, and help prepare doctoral students – at UNC-Chapel Hill and beyond – for unprecedented global opportunities for research, networking and employment.

About the Royster Society of Fellows

Over 700 doctoral students from throughout the world have come to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as members of the Royster Society of Fellows. Since its inception in 1996, The Graduate School’s select interdisciplinary fellowship program has been a significant force in enhancing the quality of graduate education at Carolina. The Royster Society provides financial support for graduate students that they can rely on throughout five years of doctoral study. In addition to the five-year fellows, the Royster Society of Fellows also includes an outstanding group of Dissertation Completion Fellows in their final year of doctoral study.